A Bit of Research

May 31, 2011

I’ve been reading up on things.

Barcelona is beautiful! I keep saying that when I go to Spain I’ll spend a ton of time traveling, but honestly I think I might just want to stay in Barcelona the entire four months.

Look at this, Barcelona tops the charts in best architecture

And this, Winter in Barcelona

And this, At least according to one  travel blogger, Barcelona is an incredible city to live in

Not to mention this, which claims Barcelona as Spain’s most beautiful city.

Can you tell I’m getting excited!? 😀

Also, I watched the European fútbol championship this past weekend: Manchester United versus Barcelona. So glad I watched it; Barcelona won 3-1, and it was a great game! Apparently the Barcelona football team is the best in Europe. I feel bad now that I didn’t keep up with the world cup, because Spain won. Maybe I’ll watch some Spanish soccer game reruns from the World Cup in addition to all the movies I’m watching. Football is a big deal in pretty much every civilized country except for the US (unless you want to talk American football, but that’s just silly), and I need to get excited about it. Hopefully I can see a game or two when I’m abroad. But I have so many incredible things planned that I don’t know if I’ll manage to do all of it! I’m wishing more and more that I’d opted to do a year-long abroad rather than just a semester-long one. But oh well, I’m sure I’ll manage just fine as it is. And besides, I hope to go back to Europe someday soon after I graduate.


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