The World Outside my Window

August 24, 2011

First of all: I did get my luggage back! Yay!

Short resumen de mi día: (Sorry… I’m having problems stopping my usage of Spanish.) I had class from 9:00-12:30, and then we had a session about academics. Next, we had lunch, and then we were free to do whatever. I walked a couple blocks to get some school supplies and then I came back and got my luggage. Then, I got a bit lost because I got off on the wrong bus stop and I had no idea which direction I needed to go, and I kept wandering around looking for my street, all the while rolling my luggage around. I ended up swallowing my pride and asking a nice-looking Spanish woman for directions, and I was only one street away. But then I had problems opening the door… the keys in europe are so different from American keys. (see picture of my three keys in Spain) I finally got in and then I took an accidental 30-minute nap or so. Then my host family got home–not sure from where exactly–and we went on a quick walk around the neighborhood. We went to the Plaza España and looked out over this former bull-fighting arena that is now a mall, and when you go to the top, you end up on a roof where you can see the whole city. It’s pretty cool. I didn’t feel like taking pictures of that today, but believe me, I will be putting up pictures of that soon! We returned and had dinner (delicious!). That’s pretty much all I did, apart from take some pictures, which you can peruse through below. (You can click any of the pictures for a bigger version.)

Mis llaves--que bonitas, ¿no? (my keys--so pretty, aren't they?)

The view from my window--I'm not really sure what it is

This is a much better view--the view from the living room.

I haven’t taken many pictures yet, but more are definitely coming soon!



  1. Your keys ARE so pretty! How is the rest of the apartment? Can you post pictures of that? Your room? I bet is interesting living with an Spanish family and not CIEE’s housing. So go you. Immersion FTW. What’s dinner usually like? What do your host parents do? Tell me more!

  2. There are pictures on FB! Míralas!
    It is fun. I like my family a lot.
    Dinner is DELICIOUS. I should make a post about that sometime soon. And more about my host family and etc.

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