Un Dia de Puta Madre en Barcelona!

August 27, 2011

Yesterday was, as they say in Spain, “de puta madre” = “freaking awesome”. It was long and full and fun! I crammed enough stuff into it to make it feel like a lot more than just one day.

First, of course, I had class. 9-12:30, every day. Then my friend Lauren and I walked over to my house because I was gonna get my bathing suit in case we wanted to go to the beach (but that didn’t end up happening). Then we took a bus/walked to her house for her to drop off some stuff, and then we went out to lunch. On the way, we walked Paseo de Gracia–quite the tourist street–and we passed two of the famous Gaudi houses. I’m so jealous–she lives a couple blocks from them!

Casa Batllo by Gaudi

Casa Mila, aka La Pedrera (The Quarry)

It took us a while to find a place to eat. We wanted someplace to sit down inside, but we didn’t want to pay a ton or be surrounded by tourists. We passed a couple good places, but we hated the fact that the people who worked there greeted us in English. No! We don’t want to be freaking American tourists! But finally we found a great place. We ordered a liter of Sangria between us, and I got a Barbeque Pizza–of which I only ate half, even though the waitress assured me it was for a single person. All the better b/c now I have free lunch today! 🙂


My friend and I drank this by ourselves--so delicious!! 🙂

Yum. 🙂

After lunch, I walked all the way home–probably like 45 minutes away. I thought it was better that way because I wanted to see the city better and I didn’t really have any special commitments. It started raining which was so much fun. I got so wet but it was so refreshing! When I got home, I talked with my host mom, and she took me out to buy a “movil” because everyone else in my group had one and the kept pestering me. Plus, I really did need a way to communicate other than email and facebook. I ended up getting “happy movil”, because it was the cheapest. I spent like $35 total, in US currency, and I got a free phone.

After we bought my phone, my host mom showed me around and took me to this cool market: The Market of St. Anthony. I bought some cool catalan-style sandals. Then I went back to the house and got ready to go out for Tapas. I met with my group for tapas, and we ate delicious food and drank delicious sangria, and we also each got a shot of “crema catalana” which was really sweet but good. Then we went to this bar and ordered huge towers of cerveza, which we split with a ton of people, so it really didn’t end up being all that much per person. It was fun, though.

And then, Razzmatazz, one of the most famous clubs in Barcelona. Partying it up, all night long. From about 1:30 until 5:45. It was pretty intense. And I’m still really tired, even now.

So this post took me a lot longer than I was expecting it to take me, but I finally got it all out there. In sum, yesterday (which in Barcelona time is now the day before yesterday) was one of the best days ever. And there are many more to come. 🙂


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