Unintentional cellphone handbook humor

August 29, 2011

I was getting out the charger for my Spanish cellphone, and I decided to look over the user manual, which caused… laughter? Who would have thought?

I circled some of my favorite “precauciones de seguridad” that I learned from my manual. They’re in Spanish, but don’t worry, I’ll translate for you.

Use the device with caution while you walk or move. Always pay attention to your surroundings to avoid physical harm to you or to those around you.” – Better translation: don’t be an American teenager.

Don’t put the device in outer pockets or around your belt. You could hurt yourself or damage the device if you fall.” – Because falling for no apparent reason doesn’t hurt at all if you don’t have a cell phone in your pocket.

When you use the device in public, try not to annoy the people around you.” – Yet again, don’t be an American teenager.

Don’t allow children to use the device. It is not a toy. Don’t allow kids to play with it, because they can hurt themselves and hurt others, damage the device or make calls that augment your paid charges.” – I guess they kind of have a point here, but it made me laugh. Besides, how many kids actually harm themselves or others by using a cellphone? What, are they gonna throw it at someone?

Don’t put the device in/on heaters, microwaves, kitchen appliances, or any high pressure container, nor close to them. The battery could leak. The device could overheat and catch on fire.” – Aww, dangit! I was just about to try microwaving my phone to see if it’d send a text message faster.

Turn off the device in potentially explosive environments.” – Enough said. haha.



  1. Love it! I was going to do all of the above until I read your post!!!!
    Thanks. J. http://contemporarymusings.wordpress.com

  2. That is awesome, very funny

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