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September 4, 2011

I tried so hard to update frequently, but sometimes it’s just not possible. And even though I’ve been really busy doing fun things and taking lots of pictures, I don’t have time to recount it all. So here’s a (hopefully) brief rundown.

In the last 3 days I have:

  • Been to Parc Güell (Gaudí’s famous park), which was a lot prettier than I had expected.
  • Walked around the city one heck of a lot.
  • Hung out with friends a lot, with and without alcoholic presence.
  • Seen the newest Pedro Almodóvar film–La Piel que Habito (mind-blowingly strange, in classic Almodóvar fashion).
  • Bought a semi-expensive but really fun dress from a famous Spanish clothing store (Desigual).
  • Been on a tour of Codorniu–one of the famous Spanish Cava factories.
  • Tasted delicious Cava (the Spanish version of Champagne) at said factory.
  • Walked around Sitges for a good hour and a half on an unproductive search for churros that ended in crepes instead (still delicious).
  • Been to the beach at Sitges–SO BEAUTIFUL.
  • Been to two museums: The Museum of Music (which was cool but less than impressive) and the National Museum of Catalan Art (which was definitely awesome).
  • Had a semi-insane “Ukrainian” waitress.
  • Skype-dated with my good friend Sarah.

So that’s why I haven’t posted in 3 days. Also, I have a lot of schoolwork coming up, since this coming week is the last week of our “curso intensivo” and so I have a paper, a presentation, and a final exam. So that’s why I can’t spend a lot of time elaborating what went down.

But, don’t worry (in case you were). I’m definitely alive and enjoying myself here in Barcelona.



  1. nice really. get me yr mail id to contact u lol

  2. Crepes! yum. I love crepes and there aren’t any in Augusta County. I just looked up the imdb for that Almodovar movie… holy shit. But I wanna see it. Antonio, oh Antonio. I want to see it; hooooow do I see it. Man, all that sight seeing sounds awesome! I hope you are having so much fun and getting well adjusted and not too stressed. I am now going to comment on the rest of your posts, because I am awesome.

    Also, I miss you! As usual 😛

  3. I added the movie to my netflix saved queue. So when it comes out, bizarre Spanish movie to meeee!

    • Definitely! Hopefully it will come to Netflix. Otherwise, I might just buy it and lend it to you. I need to start an Almodovar DVD collection.

  4. Have you seen the Almodovar movie Matador?

    • Yes I have! Have you?

      • no, i just added it to my queue cause it was suggested after i added la piel que habito.

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