Barcelonian buys

September 8, 2011

Although I’m sure to spend lots more money here on clothes and other possessions (especially since I keep walking past really great stores that I know I’ll go back to later), here’s a short description of some of my favorite things I’ve bought so far.

1. The Rey Beris. Best €5 ever spent. Especially because originally the sales guy at the beach in Sitges said they were €12. I said, “No, that’s okay, I don’t want them.” And he said, “How much would you pay for them?” And I said “€5”. He kept insisting and lowering his price, and I kept saying that I really wasn’t all that interested until finally he said, “Okay, €5.” And so I bought them. Price negotiating win, for once in my life. Also, the r and the i make it really look like “Rey Ben”, so it looks like the real deal from far away. Not that I care that much about names; I just needed sunglasses.

Rey Beris!

Convincing, eh?

2. Menorquinas. These type of sandals are SUPER popular here. It makes me feel like a local whenever I wear them! However, I have really bad blisters on my feet from the first time I wore them, because I think the size I got is a bit too small, so I have to wait to wear them unless I want my feet to start bleeding again. But anyway. They’re really cute!

Look--its a fish! 🙂

3. Tortuga from Parc Güell.  I know. So touristy to buy something from one of the street vendors in Parc Güell, but I couldn’t help it! It’s Gaudí style, and it’s a turtle. Impossible to resist. (Also, only €4, which isn’t too guilt-inducing).

So cute! And it even came in this convenient box!

4. Dress from Desigual. This was kind of an impulse buy, thanks to my friend Elizabeth, but totally worth it, I think. Desigual is pretty famous here in Spain, so I can totally justify it. It’s still too hot to wear it since it’s long sleeve, but it’s a fun dress, and I look forward to wearing it soon. Quite possibly one of the most expensive articles of clothing I’ve ever bought, but that’s just because I’m super cheapo, not because it was ridiculously overpriced.

I love the colors!

5. Phone from “Happy Móvil”. My host mom took me out to buy a phone, of which I am incredibly greatful, because I’m pretty sure I got the cheapest plan out of everyone in my program. We went to “The Phone House”, which is really fun to say in a Spanish accent, because native Spanish speakers have problems pronouncing the English “h”. Anyway, this phone ended up being essentially free, and I still have lots of money left on my phone even though I’ve used it a fair amount.

My trustee Happy Móvil phone.

Who knows what I’ll buy next?! 😛


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