A Montserrat

September 12, 2011

Today (September 10) a group of friends and i decided to go to Montserrat, which is a mountain range about an hour north of Barcelona. It was literally ineffably beautiful. There’s a basillica and monastery built into the mountain, and it offers a brilliant view in every direction. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of it all.

Just look at that view!

We took a renfe train to the mountain and then another pair of short trains to get us to the top: one that wound around the mountain allowing for a view of both the beautiful mountains but also of the countryside below, and another train that literally went directly up and down an enormous hill like a roller coaster (or, montaña rusa, russian mountain, as they say in español). The view from the top was breathtaking. Unbelievably inspiring. Really, like I said before, words cannot describe the beauty.

The monastery and basilica are built into the mountain.

And then, we walked down the mountain to the monastery/basillca, once again passing marvelous views. The basilica was, in a word, powerful. Maybe it was a mixture of the glorious scenery from the mountains and the elaborate art that adorned the inside, but it just nearly knocked me to the floor with its power.

And then, we took the train back home. We left Barcelona 2 hours later than planned (due to the lateness of the hour by the time we finished our end-of-our-intensive-course celebration which included 3 sangria towers…), so we didn’t have that much time to spend there, but just seeing the views from the top of the mountain was definitely worth the €23 for the trains. But I hope to go back to hear a performance of the monastery’s boy choir and see the museum. Maybe we’ll go when my parents come to visit.

It’s still so weird to me that I’m in Europe, living here. Even though it has almost been three weeks, I still feel like it’s just some crazy vacation to a theme park that I’m temporarily visiting, but I’m only a couple hours from home, and this is all just an act from millions of very well-trained actors. But  of course it isn’t. It’s really across the atlantic ocean from home. And these people around me are just living out their lives. It’s just a crazy sensation that happens every once in a while.

Anyway, yet another weekend success here in España!



  1. Sounds wonderful, but I have to admit my first thought when I read your title was the train station in Beverly. I cannot wait to hear about your experience in person!

    • This Montserrat has Beverly’s Montserrat beat by a million. haha.

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