Street Performers

September 12, 2011

(Note: I started writing two different blog entries, but never had the time to actually post them both. Therefore, I’m posting both of them today.)

I think one of the coolest things about any city is the street performers. Maybe it’s just the music nerd in me, but I think it’s a great way for some free entertainment, and it makes a boring street turn into a musical adventure (wow… how old am I again?).

Today (September 9) was the first time I ever paid any of the street performers in Barcelona. I was on my way between the yellow and red line in the Urquinaona metro station, and I heard a radiant, pure female voice accompanied by an acoustic guitar. It was a beautiful girl, probably around my age, sitting on her guitar case, playing and singing. Someday, I want to be that girl. Just to try it. But anyway, I stopped to fish my wallet out of my backpack, ended up dropping several different coins and euro notes, but I eventually managed to get my hands on a pair of 50 cent coins to give her. Not much, but enough to show that I really appreciated her music.

Also, today, just outside of the Plaça Catalunya, there was this fun band playing with trombones and trumpets and lots of energy. I got a sweet pic of their finale, with the guitarist in mid-air! 🙂

Microguagua... aparently they're semi-famous, or at least according to google

I’ve also witness street performers playing strange indian, asian, and various other types of instruments, as well as a clarinetist who was very adamant about trying to get some dinero from us. I’ve heard saxophones, peruvian flutes, lots of guitars, and instruments I’ve never heard of before.

Even though I can hear street performers in pretty much any city, I’m definitely enjoying the street performers here in Barcelona! 🙂


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