First Impressions

September 14, 2011

I’ve had all my classes by now, and, so far, I’m really excited! I know, leave it to the nerd that I am to be excited for classes, but it’s how it is.

1. Semántica de Español (Spanish Semantics) – This was my first class, and it scared me a little bit, honestly. The professor talked really quickly, apart from the fact that he just sat there reading his notes almost the whole time. But the topic was sufficiently interesting that I was able to overlook that. We talked a lot about diachronic and synchronic studies in a lexicon and the open nature of the lexicon of any language, which I’ve definitely gone over in Linguistics classes already. But it was good!

2. Teatro Contemporáneo Español (Contemporary Spanish Theater) – After the fast-talking semantics professor, this was a welcome change. This professor talks at a snail’s pace. And it sounds like it will also be very interesting. He talked some about the differences between a written play and any other form of literature. But, like the semantics class, he didn’t give us a syllabus or anything, so I hope that tomorrow I will get more information so that I can plan travel stuff accordingly.

3. Introducción a la lengua Catalán y su contexto social (Introduction to the Catalan language and it’s social context) – The title itself should be enough to indicate that I’m gonna love this class. But, apart from the topic itself, the professor is really nice, and it’s a CIEE class so it’s a lot less intimidating than the other classes I’m taking.

4. Fonética y Fonología de Español (Phonetics and Phonology of Spanish) – The professor of this class is definitely a lot more friendly than the other two UB professors, and she talks at a good pace. Besides the fact that I’m super interested in this kind of stuff. So it’s gonna be good.

So, yes, I am a nerd, and I am very excited for my classes. I’m kind of sad, actually, that I don’t have any homework to work on. Isn’t that just sickening? But it’s true. I kind of miss learning interesting academically-related things, albeit in a form that turns hellish after a few weeks.

Apart from classes, in the last couple days I’ve been spending a lot of time chilling out, resting, and getting to know people and places. For example, yesterday, I ran into my housemate, who’s from Canada, and his classmate from Germany, and the three of us hung out with one of my friends, just walking around the city. It was pretty fun. And today, I finally went to a supermarket to buy some bulk food, which is WAY cheaper than buying lunch from a restaurant or something. I got snacks and sandwich stuff to last almost two weeks for only €7.70, which is such a good deal! And I still have plenty of peanut butter and crackers to last for snacks for a while. Food here is actually pretty darn cheap if you know where to go and how to do it right.


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