¡Viva la merced!

September 23, 2011

This weekend is the festival of the Merced, here in Barcelona. Every city in Spain has it’s own patron saint, and they also each have their own official holiday in honor of their patron saint. In Barcelona, it is St. Merced. And this weekend is the festival.

La Mercè! (The Catalan name for it)

Last night was the beginning of the festivities. My friends and I got a bit lost and ended up in the wrong plaza, but in the process we saw some people dancing the Sardana, the traditional Catalan dance (but it’s mostly for old people). It was still pretty cool though, very typical of Cataluna.

Note the large quantity of old people.

Next, we went to the correct plaza, Plaza St. Jaume, where they had the dance of the “gegants” = giants. There were several giant people and also cows, dragons, turtles, and all manner of strange huge costumes that people would wear and dance around with, sometimes with fire spouting out from the animals’ mouths.

Two of the semi-normal human gegants.

Creepy/awesome dragon guy.

After that, we went back to my friend’s residencia to eat and drink, and we were planning on going to a concert afterwards, but we ended up stopping at a patch of grass and just talking and listening to/singing along with music from my friend’s portable speakers for a couple hours instead. Twas good.

Tonight is when the real party begins, though. Bring it on.


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