La Mercè in a nutshell

September 27, 2011

How to sum up an entire three day weekend full of incredible activities into a single, readable blog entry is out of my ability, so excuse my oversimplification of what I did this weekend at the Merced.

Basically, I can narrow it down into three categories:

  • Crazy Spanish/Catalan activities, including the gegants, un desfile (parade), castellers, and, of course, the correfoc.
  • Concerts.
  • Fun times with friends.

So, first off. Spanish/Catalan specific events.

I already mentioned a bit about the gegants in my previous post, but the cool thing is that we got to see them on display (without people inside them) later, and that was cool. My camera was dead at this point, so I’ll just steal a picture from facebook.

My friend, the angry turtle.

Also, in addition to the dance of the gegants which I saw Thursday night, we also got to see a parade of them, with drums and fire and confetti and other such amazing events.

If you think this fiery creature looks dangerous, just wait til I get to talking about the correfoc!

But I think my favorite part of the weekend was the castellers, the human towers. I can’t even express how incredible it was to see. Basically people climb on top of each other and stand on each others shoulders. Up to 9 layers high. It’s ridiculous. And I was really close to the action, after I fought my way through the crowd. We were packed into a plaza like sardines, but it was all worth it, because it was so amazing to see.

Really. Words cannot express how cool this is.

But coming in close second for my favorite cultural event of the Merced is the correfoc. Meaning “run of fire” in Catalan, this is essentially a band of crazy people dressed up as demons running down one of the main streets in Barcelona, spouting sparks from giant fireworks, aimed directly at the crowd of people watching. And also, some of the gegants–for the most part the creepy ones, but also some of the non-creepy ones–were part of the correfoc, each equiped (and constantly re-equiped) with plenty of fireworks to shoot at the crowd. Pictures don’t do this justice, so I’ll include a video that I took, including the screams for help that happened when I was showered with sparks. So. much. fun.

However, I must also include a few photos from the night, for your enjoyment. Remember you can click any of them to see a bigger size.

This monstrous beast was terrifying to behold.

The pig of doom.

I love this cow! 🙂

All of the above-mentioned things just made me happy beyond reason that I am in Spain, and, more specifically, that I am in Barcelona. I can’t imagine being anywhere else! I love it here!

I will hopefully write more on the other two parts of this weekend of festivities that is the Merced, but if not, to quickly sum it up, I saw: Merengue, Jazz, Swing, Rock, Man Man (the only American band at the Merced), electronic, and many other types of bands in concert, for free! I also spent a lot of time getting to know friends, listening to nineties music, going to a circus (that was kind of a disappointment), and walking around–sometimes getting lost in–the city. It was a lot of fun, and I wish I could do this every weekend!



  1. I love your blog and everything you write about Barcelona. you make it sound like living a dream 🙂 or maybe that is my dream! keep posting….


    • Thanks! 🙂 It is quite a great life here! I’m just sad to only be here for such a small time!
      Thanks for reading!

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