America in Spain?

October 10, 2011

Last night after dinner (and after my blog post, of course–for which I must apologize, since it contained far too many exclamation points and far too few insightful comments… but I was tired and out of practice with writing in English), I decided to watch Grease with my Canadian housemate. Believe it or not, before last night, I had not seen this American classic. It got me thinking. What other distinctly American things have I done since I’ve come to Spain?

American Classic. First viewing: in Spain. Something smells fishy...

As much as I want to be someone who is engaged in the culture (just see this silly pre-Spain blog post from ages ago), it’s a simple fact that I’m going to bring American-isms with me, and I’m going to do American things while I’m here. But the funny thing about me is that most of my early years were lived inside the bubble of a Christian home, so a lot of classic American music, movies, TV shows, activities, and pop culture in general are outside my knowledge or experience. And it just so happens that I’m learning about them and experiencing them for the first time with my American friends in Spain. Exhibit 1: Grease. Which is even more ridiculous because I saw it with my French Canadian housemate who had only seen the movie in French before.

A lot of my American friends really like nineties music. And sure, I’ve heard a lot of it, just from growing up in the nineties and having two older brothers. But most of it is unfamiliar to me. During the nights of the merced, when we were all kind of chill, my friends and I spent a couple hours sitting on the grass in a park, listening to American nineties music on portable speakers. So I got to know more of the music of my era in my country. While I was in a country halfway around the world. It was kind of surreal.

Also, while we’re on the topic of music, I’m going to my first real American concert (that weren’t free tickets): Red Hot Chili Peppers! They’re playing in freaking Barcelona, man! It’s gonna be awesome. I started getting into them this past summer, and a bunch of my friends like them a lot, so we’re going together.

Red Hot Chili Peppers!

I also speak English more than I wish that I did, considering I’m here to speak Spanish. Yesterday I spoke practically only Spanish all day until about 5:30 PM, and it was very difficult. I found myself missing English. I realized that I speak more English than that during a normal day, which is kind of sad.

I could go on about this subject, but I don’t have much time, so I’ll leave it there. ¡Hasta luego!


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