El “Invierno” de Barcelona

November 13, 2011

Believe it or not, its almost halfway through November already, and here in Barcelona, they’re gearing up for winter. Sandals, shorts, tanktops all gone into storage and a wide array of scarves, hats, boots, and coats take their place. This is what happens in most places when winter starts to hit, right? So why am I blogging about it? Well, because it still gets up to 20 degrees Celsius here, or higher! And it never gets lower than 12 or so! For those of you, like me, not yet accustomed to celsius, I’ll translate: 20=68, 12=54.

Last week there was a rain storm that lasted about 5 days, and I’ll admit, I got a bit chilly. And when I went to Andorra, which is in the mountains, I was actually legitimately cold. But come on, Barcelona, how can you expect me to wear scarves and boots when its over 60 degrees out?

As I mentioned in my last post, one of my favorite things to do in Barcelona is walk around the city. It’s beautiful here, and I love walking, people watching, and learning the city… Hoping to know at least some parts of the city as well as a local before I leave. But the tough thing is that though I try to dress for winter, after all that walking, layers have to come off. So much for looking like a native.

Apart from that, however, the exciting thing about the winter season, whatever the temperature, is that Christmas is coming soon!! And Barcelona is getting ready. I can feel the rumblings of the start of my favorite part of the year! Every year they put up decorations all over the city, overhanging the streets, strewn on the lampposts and trees. They haven’t lit any of them yet–I hear that doesn’t happen until December 1–but they’re still there, full of potential energy and potential Christmas cheer!

I can't wait to see this lit up!

Diagonal/Passeig de Gracia. Look at all those lights lining the street!

And in mid-December they start putting stands up on Gran Via and Plaza Catedral that sell all kinds of Christmassy items, and… churros!! I hear the best time to eat them is in the winter… Maybe it’ll get cold enough here by december so I can dream of curling up under a warm blanket or eating freshly made churros with hot chocolate!



One comment

  1. Make sure we see plenty of pictures of Christmas decorations. We would also like to hear about the differences between Spain’s and USA’s Christmas.

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